ELD Program

The mission of the HOPE Community Academy’s English Language Development (ELD) program is to provide effective and age-appropriate English language instruction (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), and to support English language learners to achieve in all content areas, grades K-8. Through the inclusion of parents, community members, and paraprofessionals, HOPE Community Academy works to provide a well-rounded support base for our ELD students.

Instruction for English Language Learners

The ELD program at HOPE Community Academy offers content-based English language instructional programs, which strive to promote students’ English language proficiency and mastery of academic content. Students in the program acquire English through participation in age-appropriate instruction within the classroom that is aligned to national, state, and district content standards, as well as English language proficiency standards. The primary objective of teaching language through content is to make grade-level standards and curriculum accessible to English language learners at all levels. ELD teachers and bilingual paraprofessionals provide linguistic, graphic, visual, kinesthetic, interactive, and emotional supports to make content standards and curriculum accessible for students at all levels of proficiency.

General Education (GE) and ELD licensed teachers collaborate to teach language through content using grade-level curriculum that is supported by second language acquisition strategies. Grade level content is made comprehensible using scaffolding techniques to meet individual students’ language needs and learning styles. ELD teachers provide support primarily in English language arts, but may provide additional support in math or other content areas. ELD schedules are coordinated with the classroom teacher so that children do not miss important classroom instructional time or specialists (i.e., gym, music, library, Hmong language).