Prekindergarten Curriculum

What is PreKindergarten?

School Readiness: Preparing young leaders for educational success. Students do this by exploring how a school and classroom environment looks like.

5 Developmental Domains

  • Cognitive
  • Social Emotional
  • Language & Literacy
  • Physical
  • Math & Science

Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development is expanding the child’s thinking by

  • asking questions
  • starting conversations
  • and engaging in play

Social Emotional Development

Students learn how to

  • cope with emotions
  • identify emotions
  • learn how to calm oneself
  • express feelings

Physical Development 

Students develop their gross motor and fine motor skills.

  • Gross Motor: Using entire body for big movements, such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing a ball, and balance.
  • Fine Motor: Using hands and fingers for small movements, such as finger grip, zipping, tying shoes, and beading.


Math and Science Development

Students spend time learning

  • numbers
  • how to count in order
  • basic shapes and patterns
  • how to use basic tools such as rulers and measuring cups
  • how to do hands-on science experiments

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