Parent-Teacher conferences are held twice a year at HOPE Community Academy. They are an effective way to bring together parents and teachers to discuss student progress. Please join us on the conference dates!

To schedule a conference with your child’s teacher, please fill out the conference meeting form that will be sent home with your child.

Parent-Teacher Conference Dates


November 9th & 17th 2022: PreK -10th


March 23rd & 29th: PreK – 10th

Elementary School Conferences are arranged with the parent and their child’s Homeroom teacher and are 20 minutes in length. Additional time may be scheduled on an as-needed basis. After the conference, you can follow-up on your child’s progress by contacting their teacher (see the Faculty link under the “Our School” navigation tab at the top of this page).

Middle school and high school conferences are student-led conferences Your child and his/her middle school teachers will therefore be prepared to ensure the conference is meaningful, and that you get an accurate “picture” of your son or daughter’s academic and social life at HOPE Community Academy.

In all conferences — elementary and middle school — you can expect to see a progress report for each subject and work samples that are representative of the child’s progress.

The list that follows is a combination of helpful hints, suggestions, and expectations for you as parents to help ensure that the conference is successful.

  • Allow your child to lead the conference, saving your questions for later in the conference if possible.
  • Ask constructive questions. Perhaps you can wrote some down prior to the conference.
  • Remember the power of praise. Even if you are disappointed, find something positive in addition to your areas of concern.
  • After the child has completed his or her portion of the conference, you may ask your child to leave the room if you need to speak privately with the teacher.
  • Use the open time slots to visit other teachers. However, please keep these open visits brief to allow for the needs of other parents.
  • If you are unable to meet with a teacher in the open time slots, please contact the teacher by telephone or email (see the Faculty link under the “Our School” navigation tab at the top of this page).
  • Help your child set 1-2 new goals after the conference as areas for improvement. Focus on 1-2 classes, grade improvement, organization, participation, an improvement of a specific academic skill, behavior, or socialization. Follow-up on progress every two weeks and feel free to contact teachers.