Attendance Policy

Please click below for the Hmong and Karen translations of the attendance policy. 

Hmong Translation

Karen Translation

All students have the right to learn. Regular attendance and on-time arrival at school are very important for the students’ educational success. Students cannot make adequate progress if they are not in school. HOPE Community Academy has a 10-month school year that runs from mid-August through mid-June. It is important that students attend classes consistently throughout the school year in order to achieve at a high level.

Minnesota Law (120): Students who miss three or more days without a valid excuse are considered truant and will be referred to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office School Attendance Matters. Three tardies equals one day of unexcused absence. If a student is absent or late for any part of the day…

Parents must:

Call the school each day the student is sick or absent: HOPE Main Office: (651)-795-4500. Send a doctor’s note if the student is absent for more than three consecutive days.

Students must:

Ask the teacher for make-up work three days before any extended absence (3 or more days) to receive make-up work.

Excused Absences:

Sick, Doctor’s visit, Religious Holiday, Family emergency (death, fire, etc.), Pre-Approved Family vacations (Cannot exceed three days) or will be counted as unexcused. Please plan family vacation days in accordance with HOPE school calendar.

Unexcused Absences

Babysitting, Oversleeping, Missed Bus, Weather, Non-Approved Family Vacation

Absences: Please contact your students’ teacher if your child is absent or sick so we can make arrangements with students to complete any missed assignments.

Unexcused Absence Procedure:

1-5 Days: Attendance Alert Letter from HOPE Attendance Team

5-10 Days: SAM Step 1 – Parent Informational meeting video – Ramsey County

10-15 Days: 

  1. In school contract and meeting with student, parent and HOPE Representative
  2. Parent must attend zoom meeting with Ramsey County
  3. The family will be notified via letter or email that another referral has been made, and of the date, time, and of the SART Meeting they must attend
  4. (For students under 12, a referral will be made to Child Protection for possible involvement. For students 12 and older, a Youth Engagement Worker could be assigned for assessment and assistance with accessing services.)

16+ Days: An attorney will review the referral for charging and file a petition when appropriate.